Case Study - Disaster Exercise

G2 was contracted to assist a foreign government client with developing a multi-organizational disaster exercise. The Gray Ghost team worked with senior leadership to define the scope and then designed the exercise.

G2 designed a training plan to prepare the organizations, organizational equipment, individual medical personnel, and establish a communications plan. GGS also meshed the exercise with the training objectives of the supporting hospital.

During the exercise, GGS coached the security services, fire brigade, responding medical personnel, and the supporting hospital during their mass casualty event

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We provide training that enhances the skills you’re provides have. Our approach is realistic, and scenario based for the environments you work and live. We tailor training requirements for life-saving techniques, while adhering to National Registry Standards. The training location is private and safe allowing us to give our customers quality and intense training. We meet the needs of the client without sacrificing standards.

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