Case Study - Ebola Response

Client (inter-governmental organization) was challenged to address an expanding Ebola epidemic in West Africa, specifically coordinating the response for an evolving and growing crisis from the headquarters. Gray Ghost supported the client in building an effective operations center with supporting processes from the ground up. We sent hand-picked consultants into West Africa to work with client employees at the forefront of the epidemic as well as to the headquarters.

Gray Ghost’s close collaboration with the client at every level enabled us to create simple and effective mechanisms that ensured seamless information exchange from the crisis epicenter to strategic decision-makers in Europe. Leadership was able to mitigate the crisis by prioritizing efforts in the response, synchronize resources, personnel, material, and share timely information.

No corporation looks forward to facing a situation that causes a significant disruption to their business. By definition, crises are novel events to an organization that create uncertainty.

Gray Ghost will

  • Help your organization to write comprehensive contingency plans before a crisis.
  • Assist your organization to manage the crisis by diagnosis of impending trouble or danger signals.
  • Advising on crisis leadership.
  • Helping to choose the appropriate turnaround strategy (crisis planning).
  • Advise on implementing the plan.
  • Identify information requirements and advise leadership on making decision during ambiguous situations with little information.
  • Advise leadership during consequence management.
  • Every crisis is an opportunity to showcase an institution’s character, its commitment to its brand promise and its institutional values.

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Contingency Planning

Our organization will help you write a contingency plan before a crisis happens so you are prepared to take action.

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Crisis Advisement

Gray Ghost Solutions will provide you will skilled crisis management professionals who will provide professional advice.

Real Time Assistance

We will also provide you real time assistance during a time of crisis. Feel free to contact us to learn more about this service.

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