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Evacuation Plan

Our client had a 5500-employee branch in a high-risk country during a civil war. Due to limestone deterioration under a dam, the enterprise was at risk for catastrophic flooding within 80 hours after an expected, imminent, dam failure. While writing the medical support plan, G2 collaborated with the client’s lead evacuation planner to account for the extensive risks, notification procedure, sequence and operational synchrony of the evacuation, as well as the intricacies of the medical aspects.

The complexity of the evacuation exceeded any contemporary experience due to the security situation, policy barriers of the three destination countries for evacuees, and requirement to evacuate citizens from eleven different countries during the evacuation (not directly employed by the client). Security protocols for the branch office required the facility be closed systematically, the transport or destruction of sensitive equipment and information, and finally to support the security presence remaining at the branch during the flood.

Gray Ghost Solutions worked closely with the client and all stakeholders, including supporting entities, to create a plan that created decision-space for leaders, redundancy that maximized limited resources during a compressed timeline, and mitigated risk.

Gray Ghost’s close collaboration with the client at every level enabled us to create simple and effective mechanisms that ensured seamless information exchange from the crisis epicenter to strategic decision-makers in Europe. Leadership was able to mitigate the crisis by prioritizing efforts in the response, synchronize resources, personnel, material, and share timely information.