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Disaster Response

Gray Ghost Solutions was asked to train leadership on disaster preparedness for a government office in Rome, Italy through an emergency preparedness exercise. Working with the corporate headquarters, we designed training program and challenging but reasonable earthquake exercise. Gray Ghost began by providing two days of mass casualty training to the medical personnel, met with the branch leadership to coach them on expectations, and then conducted the exercise.

By design, the exercise included all departments of the branch, representatives from the Roman emergency management department, and other external organizations. The exercise resulted in identification of planning and resource gaps, better relationships across all stakeholders, and a more capable and confident branch leadership team.

Gray Ghost’s close collaboration with the client at every level enabled us to create simple and effective mechanisms that ensured seamless information exchange from the crisis epicenter to strategic decision-makers in Europe. Leadership was able to mitigate the crisis by prioritizing efforts in the response, synchronize resources, personnel, material, and share timely information.